Ready for 3D

Sunday evening was spent watching Avatar in 3D.

To be honest, I wasn’t as blown away by the 3D experience as I had half expected to be. Possibly because I’ve aleady seen it in 2D and rather blown away by the whole otherworldly experience as such (I have a pretty strong three-dee imagination). Possibly because I already knew the plot, the scenery and the characters, and had too much time on my hands to spend focusing on technicalities.

Nevertheless I enjoyed the movie very much, and the 3D really added extra depth, to state the obvious, to the experience. It’s well done, not overdone as in many other movies I’ve seen where the trick of pushing stuff in your face is exercised to exhaustion, but rather emphasizes the reality they’re trying to convey. There are a couple of surprises, mind you, that’ll have your hands up in front of your face in pure reflex.

So the 3D version is in my opinion well worth the extra ticket cost, but to make sure you get the most of the experience I recommend watching that one before you see the 2D version.


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