Well said about Obama’s health reform

“Obama’s health care reform came through, despite the fact that many Americans have fought hard for the right to end up living on the street if they get sick.”

(Knut Nærum, “Nytt på Nytt”, 26-March-2010,
translated from Norwegian)

Well, actually I think it says more, and rightly so, about those opposed to the reform. I just watched Michael Moore’s “Sicko”, and that left me even more convinced that the American health system up to now has been total madness. Oh well. Guess that makes me a Socialist.

Original: “[Barack Obamas helsereform] ble vedtatt, selv om mange amerikanere har kjempet for retten til å havne på gata når man blir sjuk.” (Link: Nytt På Nytt, 26.03.2010, ca 13’09” into the program)


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