Revenge of the Fallen

Warning: Possible spoilers if you haven’t seen it already!

Oh man, this Transformers movie really raises some tough questions …

  • Why do robots need teeth?
  • Why do robots have to articulate their lips when they talk?
  • Why do they even have lips?
  • Eyelids?
  • Why the heck would a robot blink?
  • And why does a mad scientist robot from outer space have a German accent?
  • How come the when the All Spark first created good bots, they were all good, yet now every single one it creates is evil?
  • How come mechanical robots are hatched from of biological eggs?
  • Gotta love the old pirate one though.
  • Hey! An Oompa Loompa in army uniform!
  • And how is it that, in a movie, if you happen to catch a glimpse a naked person for a brief moment it gets rated 15 for “nudity”, while on the other hand if people are getting killed by the bucketload (and they do in this one), it’s rated 11 for “mild violence” (i.e. possibly not suited for 7 year olds), and for “language” if they say things like “a-hole” (not suitable for 5 year olds, even if they know those words already).

A few good laughts in this one though, and who doesn’t love to see giant robots beat the living rivets out of each other? Got it on sale for just under five Euros, which makes it OK value for the money.

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