Sign out of Web Messenger

I just spent half an hour figuring out how to sign the hell out of Messenger on the Hotmail web site (or Live Mail if you prefer) once I’d been stooopid enuff to click ‘Sign in to Messenger’. I mean, it’s not like they try to put the ‘Sign out’ button in your face, is it? ‘No sir, we’d like you to stay signed in and visible to all the world the whooole time!’

Was easy, really, once you look past the lack of obviousness.

  • Find your name in upper right corner
  • Click on dot next to name
  • Select ‘Sign out of Messenger’

Voila! But they make people search for it, or in my case turn to Google. Or for most people to give up and not bother with the damn thing, which may be the whole point. It’s like having the off switch for the living room TV in the basement, ‘clearly visible’ if you just happen look behind a small and insignificant pile of junk in the far corner, and never telling you about it.

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