Modern Warfare 2 – Reset Player Stats

Imagine you’re a player who takes some, if only a little, pride in earning your upgrades, callsigns, emblems, perks and killstreak rewards. Then some dork comes along (who probably doesn’t know better) and invites you to a hacked server where, voila, you automatically get your account upgraded to contain ALL of it, which is bloody stupid if you really didn’t want it.

Now, there are supposedly any number of ways to reset your profile to what it was before it got corrupted by such mischief. But failing that, like I did, the ultimate solution is to simply reset your profile to zero. That means starting over from level 1, earning all your stuff over again, but that’s part of the fun of it anyway, right?

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Make sure Steam is running! (or else this will have no effect)
  2. Backup your ‘players’ folder and the ‘userdata’ folder.
  3. Go into your ‘players’ folder and delete all .stat files.
  4. Go to your ‘userdata’ folder and delete all folders in it.
  5. Play COD MW2 and you will see, you are a noob again

Typical location of folders:

  • userdata:
    C:\Program Files\Steam\userdata
  • players:
    C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\call of duty modern warfare 2\players

I found the instructions found here. This procedure worked for me.

Something I haven’t tested yet, but I assume that you can back up your stats by way of step 2 above, i.e. simply copy your ‘players’ and ‘userdata’ folders to another location. If you do this on a regular basis, you should be able to reset your profile to a previously saved state by performing steps 3 and 4, and then copy back the contents of the backed-up folders.

This information is provided as-is with absolutely no guarantee that it will work, or that it will not damage your Steam installation, your Modern Warfare 2 installation, or your Steam player account. Use at your own risk.

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