Freaky airports

Stolen from:

Princess Juliana International Airport, Saint Martin, with a runway of only 2130 meters so a 747, which normally needs a longer one to stop before it runs out of tarmac, has to come in low and slow.

The shortest runway in the world, and possibly the most dangerous. Juancho E. Yrausquin International Airport on the island of Saba in the Caribbean ocean. Bear in mind that there are steep cliffs at either end of the runway.

Courchevel airport in France, 525 meters long, with 18% elevation and a speedbump in the middle. Up to land, downwards to take off.

Madeira airport in Portugal, perched on a mountain shelf.

Lukla airport in Nepal, way up in the mountains with a 1000 meter drop at the end of the runway. Full throttle!

Landing in strong crosswinds at Kai-Tak airport in Hong Kong. Fasten your seatbelts.


2 thoughts on “Freaky airports

    1. Scary, methinks. Makes me think of the old pilot proverb: “Taking off is optional. Landing is mandatory.” 🙂

      Thanks for commenting

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