Pibgorn Comments are Gone – New Home Found

If you are one of those who used to comment on Brooke McEldowney’s comic strip “Pibgorn” at GoComics.com, or simply sat quietly and listened with us on the virtual Couch of Confusion, you will no doubt have noticed that the comments section, sadly, is now gone. This happened rather suddenly last week, on December 8, at the author’s request — and was unfortunately rather poorly handled by the site admins so that zero warning was given, although it was the author’s intent that we should be informed well beforehand.

I won’t get into the rights or wrongs about this. That has been done already, to great length, by people more articulate or at least with stronger opinions that I.

The good news is that the Comfy Couch of Confusion has found a new home at http://bit.ly/CCoCv2

Both current members who missed the info, returning oldtimers and newcomers who would like to join in on the talk in a friendly, intelligent and, dare I say, interesting community, are welcome to give that link a click.

I am inshadowz. See you there 🙂


5 thoughts on “Pibgorn Comments are Gone – New Home Found

  1. Inshadowz: TheDOCTOR here. I have tried for 2 days and I can’t access Comfy Couch as it appears to have been HACKED! Can you contact Amarillo Jim?

  2. Any response to your email? I have sent him 2 emails in the last 3 months and have gotten no answer.

    1. Alas, if you haven’t heard, there are sad news. Jim passed away in early February, so the Comfy Couch that he hosted is now gone. Are you in the Facebook groups? If not, there’s one for “Pibverse” and another for “9 Chickweed Lane”, and a lot of the regulars from the Couch are there, too.

      1. No, I hadn’t heard. So sad. I’ll check out the FB groups. Thank you.

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