Norton doesn’t like ATI Tray Tools anymore

Norton Internet Security has taken to blocking ATI Tray Tools after last time I installed Windows 7 on my computer. It does so not on the grounds that it seems dangerous (Norton itself states that it considers the security risk level to be “low”), but rather that fewer than 50 users in the Norton community uses this program. I find myself questioning this approach to determining how dangerous a piece of software is.

I use ATI Tray Tools mainly to monitor the CPU and GPU temperatures to avoid shutdowns due to overheating when playing Modern Warfare 2 and other games on my laptop which occasionally has problems keeping itself cool when the going gets tough and the polygon rendering too heavy.

Under “File Actions” Norton states that it has blocked access to “c:\windows\system32\drivers\driver_bin64”, which is a folder that doesn’t really exist (as far as I can see), but I assume that ATI Tray Tools checks to see whether it is there, and that this query triggers Norton’s nanny-reflexes.

The quick and simple (did I mention dirty?) solution is of course to disable Norton Antivirus Auto Protect, which stops Norton from making a fuss when ATI Tray Tools is running, but also removes most of the protection that you have Norton for in the first place. Not a good plan.

The more thorough and, I hope, correct way to do it is as follows:

Note: This worked on my computer running Windows 7/64 bit on a Toshiba Satellite A300-1iE, using the Norwegian version of Norton Internet Security 2011, and it is the only system I have tested it on. I cannot guarantee that it will work on your setup, and although I’m fairly certain that there is little or no risk I cannot guarantee that following these directions will not harm your system. Proceed at your own risk!

  • Open Norton Internet Security.
  • Click on ‘Settings’ at the top.
  • Scroll down to ‘AntiVirus and SONAR Exclusions’, next to ‘Items to exclude from Auto-Protect and SONAR Detection’ click on ‘Configure [+]’.
  • Click on ‘Add’, enter ‘c:\windows\system32\drivers\driver_bin64, and leave ‘Include subfolders’ checked, then press ‘OK’.
  • Click ‘OK’, then ‘OK’ again to exit Settings.
Start ATI Tray Tools and see if it will run. If not, uninstall ATI Tray Tools, restart your computer, then install ATI Tray Tools again with administrator privileges.


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