Happy New Whatever?

In light of the recent grand debate about whether or not we ought to wish each other Merry Christmas, since so many people do not celebrate the same holiday, and the apparent conclusion that no, we shouldn’t, on the grounds that it is politically incorrect, inconsiderate and completely disrespectful, I think time has come to consider whether or not the same applies for wishing each other a Happy New Year.

Depending on a person’s nationality and/or religion, their New Year can fall just about anywhere on the calendar. Wishing someone a Happy New Year on anything other than their own New Year is a show of total disregard for their customs and traditions. This is the number one way to start wars or, worse, Internet debates and media hype.

And since you can’t really tell by a person’s appearance, language, dress code or personality what New Year’s traditions they observe, you can’t really, by any measure, with any level of respect for them as fellow humans with whom you share this wonderful world, wish them a happy anything at all.

Thinking about it, it looks as if what it boils down is that a simple “F*ck off!” is the only thing that goes, since it seems for most to be global, independent of calendar date, sincere and, not least, mutual.

Now, joking aside, Happy New Year everyone 🙂


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