Blackouts against SOPA

Although I’m Norwegian and not American, I wholeheartedly support the opposition against SOPA and PIPA, on one hand on the grounds that it is wrong, and on the other hand because I see the threat of global adverse effects on how the Internet works.

Wikipedia blackout page

Google petition page

From where I sit, (the US version) is not blacked out, but links to the petition against SOPA.

Google says “Tell Congress: Please don’t censor the web!

Personally I wouldn’t use “please” in that context. It implies begging. It implies that those who say “please” are at the mercy of those “in charge”. That again implies that this democracy is just a smoke screen for an elitist government who are above and beyond the grasp of the people, when in a true democracy it is the people who hold the reigns of the elected representatives. Whatever you say, don’t say “please”.

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