Evolutionary Preference

If I was to choose whether to be related (by species) to monkeys1), or (by species) to certain people who refuse to accept2) that we are, or at least may be, related (by species) to monkeys on the grounds that the Bible says different and if you don’t believe what the Bible says then you’ll go to Hell and we’d be happy to help you on your way, I know for certain who I’d prefer to be related (by species) to.

Banana3), anyone?

  1. Yes, we’re related to apes, not monkeys; a minor point that makes no difference whatsoever to the abovementioned Hell-helpers. But I strongly believe that my argument is still valid.
  2. Whether or not you believe in Evolution, that’s just opinion and not so much a problem. That you threaten people with Hell, that’s bad manners. But when you insist on quoting the Bible when arguing with Atheists, that’s just plain stupid.
  3. Let’s say that again: “Baa–naa–naa C’mon, click it! You know you wanna! 😉

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