The Multi-Cultural Planet

Inspired by the ongoing trial against the Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik, after the massacre at Utøya on July 22nd last year, I stitched together these little (de-) motivational posters (see below). Breivik is obsessed with racial hygiene and protecting his own ethnic group (of which I’m embarrassed to say that I am part). According to him, foreign peoples and foreign cultures are bad things, and strangers are more likely to kill or rape you (or both) on sight than not. It’s rather satisfying to note that his arguments are being picked to pieces right and left in almost every medium, and he is given ample opportunity to reveal himself as the arrogant and pathetic prat that he really is.

A couple of my own tweets on the subject

The posters

You may click the images to open larger versions in a new tab or window.

Norwegian captions

Velkommen til den multikulturelle planeten Jorda (jpg)

til den multikulturelle planeten Jorda!

99,929% av verdens befolkning er utlendinger!
Det må være fælt å være nordmann med fremmedfrykt.

English captions

Velkommen til den multikulturelle planeten Jorda (jpg)

to the multicultural planet Earth!

99.929% of the world’s population are foreigners!
It must be awful to be a Norwegian with xenophobia.


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