Getting nostalgic with Propaganda

CD cover (Wikipedia)
I recently bought Propaganda’s “A Secret Wish [2 CD Deluxe Edition]” to supplement, for practical reasons, the vinyl specimen already in my collection. I quickly found out that it differs considerably from the original in that most of the tracks have been remixed and made a great deal longer. I’m not saying the remixes are bad, because they are not, but it occasionally tugs at my nostalgic nerve. To put it simply, I want to listen to the original vinyl record as I remember it from the Eighties, but on CD.

However, there is medicine and, perhaps, salvation. Disc Two is devoted entirely to remixes, some of them extremely different from the originals, so I’ll disregard that in this context. Disc One, on the other hand, also contains the original tracks from the vinyl album. From these it is possible to reconstruct the original album, either as a pre-programmed playlist or by way of burning a new CD with those tracks alone. That is, if you don’t mind the extra effort.

These are tracks required to reconstruct the original (all from Disc One):

  • Track 10: Dream Within A Dream [Original Album Version]
  • Track 2: The Murder Of Love
  • Track 11: Jewel [Original Album Version]
  • Track 12: Duel (Album Version)
  • Track 5: Frozen Faces
  • Track 13: p:Machinery [Original Album Version]
  • Track 7: Sorry For Laughing
  • Track 8: The Chase
  • Track 14: Dr. Mabuse (First Life)
  • Track 15: The Last Word (Strength To Dream)

Purists will perhaps notice the inclusion of “Frozen Faces”. That is simply because I rather like it, even though it didn’t feature on original album, and you may easily leave it out if you prefer.

And that’s all I wanted to say about that, really.


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