Available and Affordable

Rather pleased to note that the price of Nik Kershaw’s album1Human Racing” appears to have dropped from 3–4 times what I’d be willing to pay for it, to a manageable everyday level. Promptly ordered from Play.com (birthday prezzy to meself) … and patiently twiddling thumbs, possibly in vain, awaiting the price dumping of the remaining albums still missing in my library2.

Human Racing


  1. Album as in “compact disc”. I regard buying MP3 music very much with the same eye as I regard walking into a clothes shop to buy a pair of jeans that have already been worn out just because that’s fashionable, in the sense that it’s utterly pointless. I’ll wear out my jeans myself. I’ll convert my CDs to MP3 to listen to on my iPhone myself. Gimme lossless FLAC or even ISO file downloads, and THEN we’ll be talking shop.
  2. Presently: “The Riddle” (exists on tape, slightly mangled in the ways that music cassettes often are), “The Works”, “Radio Musicola” (exists on vinyl, slightly worn) and “You’ve Got To Laugh”

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