Oh Crap! Chemtrails!

Do dat line! Chemtrail enthusiasts can be amusing. Last time I tried to point out to one of them how changes in air moisture, air temperature and air pressure might form clouds or fog out of water vapour (watch your breath in winter, fogged-up glasses when you come in from the cold, that little *psscht* of mist when you open a beer), and that those long, white trails following air planes need not involve chemicals with the nefarious purpose of turning the population into mindless sheep (why would anyone have to or even want to do that when we already have ‘reality’ television to do that job?), I was accused of working for the government and advised to not act all surprised at being put against a wall before a firing squad when the revolution comes.

Took this picture today through the bus window as we went through Drammen, whilst listening to a couple of passengers a few seats away speaking in hushed voices about the apparent proliferation of chemtrails today, and the evil Government and what they do to us with airplane exhaust (allegedly mixing in trace amounts of silver or aluminium or whatever it is that’s supposed to block our capacity for rational and critical thought, and in particular inhibit our ability to realize that we are being sprayed upon from above).

I dunno. I actually think it’s kinda cute when people cling religiously to their conspiracy theories, no matter how wild and far-fetched. After all, the fact that you are paranoid doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re not out to get you. Meanwhile, it’s been a few years now since the abovementioned conversation, and I’m still waiting for that firing squad.


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