Extra Full

Continuing from the previous post, this is what I saw in the sky at 22:43 (CET DST) on Saturday, May 5th, six hours and forty-five minutes before perigee and full moon. The difference in size and brightness, as compared to if I had waited for the actual big moment, is negligible, plus the moon would then have set and thus be out of sight, which would certainly have ever so slightly complicated matters.

Continues below the photo …

Extra full

Click image for bigger versions on Flickr.com

I think this is my sharpest shot of the moon so far. The equipment is the same as usual for my moon shots: Nikon D40x SLR (a few years old now), a tripod and a cheap-end-of-the-range Tamron 70-300mm lens (this one needs a worthy successor, when or if finances allow). What’s new is a wireless (IR) remote control for the shutter, which helps eliminate most vibrations.

Please enjoy 🙂

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