Get Rid of Your @Facebook Email Today

Yeah, they changed mine, too. And know what? Anything sent to that address ends up …

*drum roll*


Yes, I see good reasons for having a address if you don’t want to put your own, personal email address out there for everyone to see. But there should be an OPT-IN, not a sneaky, stealthy implementation like this. I may be slow-witted and near-sighted, but I never heard about the damn thing until they changed it on me.

Something like this in my inbox would have been nice:

«Say, would you be jolly excited to try our spiffy, spanking new email address thingy? Click YES to sign up if you think that’s just fabulously wonderful with rainbows and cherries on top, or click NO to tell us to shut up about it and leave your email the hell alone.»

Furthermore, changing your email to something that actually WORKS would have been at least marginally more intelligent. As mentioned above, mine doesn’t. Maybe your does. At least test it yourself before you tell anyone to use it to send you anything important.

Anyway, rants aside, if you feel like keeping this new, surprising and, behold, not working email address, feel free to do so. If not, the link below leads to an excellent guide at on how to give this new intruder the boot and the bye-bye.

Facebook Changed Everyone’s Email to; Here’s How to Fix Yours

Worked for me! 🙂

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