Today We Remember

Today marks the first anniversary of the killings in Oslo and at Utøya on July 22nd, 2011, when seventy-seven lives were brutally ended, and many others changed forever by injuries or the aftermath of the horrors they experienced on that day, and even more suffered the loss of friends or family. I was lucky, I didn’t lose anyone, yet I still felt the pang of horror when the events of the day fully dawned on me.

July 22nd last year was our 9/11. In fact, compared to the population size, the death toll was larger in Norway than in USA (9.5 per million in USA, 15.4 per million in Norway). Add also the fact that mass killings just don’t happen in Norway. They don’t. They didn’t. Until now. I hardly ever cry. I cried on July 22nd last year.

I would like to, on behalf of myself and everyone that I know and love, express sympathies and condolences for anyone and everyone who have been killed or injured, or struggle in the aftermath of survival, or have lost friends or loved ones, in similar senseless acts of violence, anywhere in the world, at any point in recent or distant time, regardless of whether it was an act of terrorism, whether motivated by politics or religion, or simply a group or lone individual gone insane. Most recently the gunman in Aurora, Colorado. Prior to that the terrorist bombing in Bulgaria. And so on, and so on, seemingly forever. They are too many to tell apart, and too meaningless to make sense of.

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