Goodbye, Neil

The Eagle has landed


August 5, 1930 — August 25, 2012

Where was I when Neil Armstrong stepped on to the Moon? As legend will have it—or the way I re-tell the legend anyway—I was just one week shy of three months old, staring wide-eyed at the TV, taking in the historical moments unfolding on the screen.

In reality, if truth is to be told, and I better get ahead of my Mom on this, I was in my diaper on a blanket on the sofa, making gurgly and giggly noises, understanding nothing at all of what happened in the flickering black-and-white images on the screen that my parents were watching. I may even have been sleeping.

Dear Neil. You took your first step on the Moon just as my life was beginning. For as long as I live I shall have been born the year Mankind first set foot upon another world, and that foot was yours. Regardless how little I understood at the time, that event, that footstep, has greatly inspired and influenced my perspective, the way that I look upon the world and the Universe around us.

Thank you very, very, very much.

Rest in peace.


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