You just don’t get it!


Dear Creationists.

The main reason why you don’t believe in Evolution is that … wait for it … most of you simply don’t get what it’s about. Get it?

In either “The God Delusion” or “Enemies Of Reason” (I don’t quite remember which), one megachurch preacher interviewed by Richard Dawkins said he wouldn’t believe in Evolution unless he saw a monkey give birth to a human baby. Well, he pretty much had his own case sealed. Waterproof. Perfect alibi. Because that’s not the way it works.

That wouldn’t be Evolution, it would be a bloody miracle if it ever happened. Proof of God. Whatever.

Another anti-Evolution speaker whom I saw interviewed in a different program said he didn’t believe in it because, for instance, no matter how many times he threw himself off a cliff there was no way he was going to grow wings and be able to fly.

No, that’s probably right. But since you’re only likely to do something like that once, you would by doing so effectively remove your own obviously defective DNA from the human gene pool. That, too, is a kind of evolutionary move. Not so much for the individual, who may perish horribly in the attempt, but for the species as a whole, which would then on average be made up of more individuals with less tendency to throw themselves off cliffs, further ensuring continued survival. Go on! You know you wanna! We’re counting on you!

Video: “Creationist Senator wants to know how to turn E. Coli into Humans

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