Reblog: I am (not) Adam Lanza – by Annie DeMotta

Annie DeMotta, like Adam Lanza of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings in Connecticut, has Asperger’s Syndrome, which is one of many forms of Autism. She strongly advises caution before we label everyone out there with Autism a potential time bomb of deadly danger to their surroundings.

I am (not) Adam Lanza (Click to read the original article)

«I am writing this because I can’t stand the thought that Adam Lanza supposed autism spectrum disorder is being continually debated by the media. […] It seems that overnight, everyone with a computer has become qualified to make mental health and disability assessments.»

I personally know only a few who have children with Autism disorders, and I freely admit that I know far from enough about Autism to be more than a modest layman on the subject. But I hate the idea that they and others should be judged and punished by ignorants who 1) got the bulk of their knowledge about Autism from watching “Rain Man“, and 2) are aching to point an accusing finger at anyone who is conveniently available and preferably unable to defend themselves against the accusations. That’s how witch hunts begin.


2 thoughts on “Reblog: I am (not) Adam Lanza – by Annie DeMotta

  1. Bjornar,
    Thank you so much for reblogging this! The Sandy Hook shootings happened only a few hours away from where I live, and the tragidy reverbrated all over the country, sparking intense, often illinformed debates about gun control, mental health and autism…debates that are still going on. The night I heard about what happened, I felt an immediate emotional response for the children and families who were suffering, followed by a fear for the autism community after the media got ahold of the term asperger’s and linked it to Adam Lanza. I have heard that since then, there have been many instances of fear and discrimination against autistics. Some have called the police to report ‘weird, abnormal behavior’ that was in fact perfectly normal behavior for an autistic. Autistic students are being watched by fearful, uninformed teachers who now link autistic behavior to eventual violent outburst. It is not a good time to be aypical in the US. So, with sincerity, I thank you for reading and reblogging, and for taking the time to understand, not fear, the differences all around you.

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