Australian PM Julia Gillard apologizes for Forced Adoption

As someone living with an adoptee, and as someone who has had a chance to look closely into the dark side of adoption and its effect on the adoptee, I feel deeply touched by this speech by Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, on March 21, 2013. If you have twenty minutes to spare, and any interest in adoption whatsoever, this may be for you.

My better half was born in South Korea and adopted to Norway, but the Australian Prime Minister’s apology to Australian victims of forced adoption would apply equally well if spoken by the South Korean Prime Minister to South Korean victims of forced and shady to illegal adoption practices.

The speech touches upon nearly every issue that we have come across in terms of immoral, ruthless, illegal or at best highly questionable methods by which the Korean adoption industry go after children that they can sell to foreigners. It mentions the severe impacts adoption has on the child and the mother, as well as the surrounding family. I won’t repeat it all here, but I have included a link to a transcript of the entire speech at the bottom of this post, below the video.

Both South Korea and other countries that involve themselves with such atrocious adoption practices would do well to follow Australia’s lead in this matter.

With my warmest regards and best wishes of hope to adoptees everywhere who struggle with the aftermath of their adoption, and to parents who have lost their children to adoption.




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