Park your X-Wing and have a drink

Nine years ago today I stumbled across this X-Wing Fighter hanging from the ceiling in a bar in Tenerife, and my only thought was “I want one!”. Now, owing to the immense trouble I would have had getting this one with me on the flight home, along with it being too big and heavy for me to carry around, as well as the depressing odds against my actually getting it out of the bar without getting caught in the first place, there’s the chance that it’s still hanging in the Arkansas Karaoke Bar, assuming that it still exists, which my lack of luck in Googling up even the slightest trace of it suggests that it may not.

Park your X-Wing and have a drink

The “Star Wars” reference no doubt relates to the fact that parts of “Episode VI – Return of the Jedi”, as well parts of “The Planet of the Apes”, had been filmed on location at El Teide, the local volcano which we had visited a couple of days previously. The tour guides took great pride in informing us of this as we were bussed through the rocky, dusty, almost alien-like landscape which certainly resembled the rockier parts of Tattooine where Jabba’s castle was supposed to be. I even caught myself scouting anctiously for Sand People that might peek out from behind boulders, and told me not to be silly.

There was of course not a word of truth in this: The Tattooine parts of “Episode VI” were shot in Tunisia, just like with “Episode IV”, and “The Planet of the Apes” was shot entirely in USA, but we can’t very well let actual facts get in the way of good tourism, can we now?

I still want that X-Wing, though!


One thought on “Park your X-Wing and have a drink

  1. I’ve only been on one cruise in my life (fortunately it was not like the Carnival disasters!) but I was quite aware that the local merchants and tour guides would tell you exactly what you wanted to hear. You never knew how many places Long John Silver was born/buried in. Even though he never existed.

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