The Future is back again

Sadly, the photoshopping ain’t getting any better.

If people who have watched the movies had paid the slightest attention, and if those who haven’t watched the movies had watched the movies, and if those who actually own the movies could be bothered to dig out the DVDs and check for themselves, then we would not have had this problem!

Now, I realise that this particular “today” is from a few days back. You’ll just have to forgive me on the grounds that DeLoreans grow pretty scarce on the ground in these parts. Suffice to say that this particular one is based on a previous edition that was already rather badly done. Anyway, I’ve wrote about all that before, nearly a year ago. You see, I do own the DVDs (soon to be BluRays), and I have taken the time to check.

The actual numbers

This is a screenshot that I made myself from the second DVD of the series, the moment that Doc, Marty and Jennifer land in the future:

(I had to include the subtitles for accuracy since the 16:9 version sadly clips the minutes off along with the rest of the left and right edges of the picture).

This ought to firmly set the moment in question to be October twenty-first, two thousand and fifteen, at four twenty-nine PM, Pacific Standard Time, which corresponds to 2015-10-21 23:29 UTC if, like me, you want to be global and pedantic about it.

Someone else has checked too. Major thanks to Maki (whoever you are, on behalf of Mankind I am grateful) for making this clever and truth-offering little infographic.

At least there is some kind of salvation. When in doubt as to whether today is the day Marty McFly arrives when he travels to the future, visit Is­Today­The­Day­Marty­McFly­Arrives­When­He­Travels­To­The­ to make doubly sure. You may want to bookmark that link for future reference.

And please bear in mind that I’m not criticizing those who make the fraudulent photoshops. There would be no point in doing so, not because it isn’t critique-worthy, but because those sadly mentally challenged individuals simply can’t help themselves, poor things. And I’m not out to point fingers at any one who falls for these fakes and forwards them blindly because, you know, same thing. I just wish the world would be a better place and all. I mean, if we can’t even get the future straight, then what can we?




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