Getting at the posts

Someone recently asked me about this, so I figured why not write a bloggy about it.

There are many who link to images on, one of the many online image-posting services, but they only link to the physical images, not the image posts themselves. This is usually not much of a problem, but occasionally, just occasionally, you might like to have a look at the original image post, to see if there’s any information about the image, or if there are more images of the same sort, or whatever.

For instance, I might link to this image of an X-Wing fighter from Star Wars, which I found online and uploaded to a while ago:

And you may think, so he posted a picture of an X-Wing, he’s probably a Star Wars nut (and you’d be absolutely right about that), and so what? And if there’s nothing more than the image, you will know nothing of the occasion or reason why I posted it, and that gives me the sadface 😦

Now, if you click on the image, it will open in a new window or tab in your browser. You will then see that the URL (look in the address field at the top) is “”.

Google Chrome:

Mozilla Firefox:

Internet Explorer:

This is the physical address for the image, and shows only the image. But you may want to see if I have provided more information, a bit of text, possibly a joke, or some profound piece of wisdom (as if). Where there’s a will, there’s usually a way, and here’s the trick:

  • Remove the “i.” part at the beginning of the URL
  • Then remove the “.jpg” part at the end (the end may be “.png” or “.gif” in some cases, but whatever it is, remove it)
  • Press the Enter key

After this little bit of magic workaround, behold the original post, which in this case looks something like this:

As you can see, I’ve written a whole little bunch of text below the photo, a bit of background information and links to relevant websites for reading more about it, which you won’t see if the image link is all you have.

So, in short:

Chop the beginning, chop the end, and there you go. It’s really that simple 🙂


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