Getting at the Flickr posts

After I finished my previous entry, “Getting at the posts”, I felt like taking on another, similar issue that has annoyed me occasionally, yet I’ve never taken the time to figure it out. That is, until now.

When webpages, blogs, Facebook users and so on link to Flickr photos, but neglect to link to the actual photo posts, and you’d really, really, really like a look at what more that particular Flickr user has in their photo stream, you’re kind of stumped because there’s no easy way to get there. Or so I thought.

Unlike with, where you simply need to remove the beginning and the end of the URL (with “URL” simply being a fancy techie shorthand slang term for “internet address”, in case you didn’t already know), it’s not quite as straightforward with Flickr URLs. They’re more … complex. But even here, there’s hope. The URLs follow a certain pattern, from which you may extract the crucial information.

Seize the Power

I am going to assume that, however unlikely, you stumble across a photo of mine, linked from a website somewhere, and that you, against all odds, might fancy a peek at what else I may have posted. The psychedelic thumbnail on the right here, for example, is one of my most recent uploads to Flickr, and the public version carries the following URL:

You need a part of that URL, the Photo ID, which is the long number before the first underscore. Here, I’ll mark it out for you:

Select the red part and copy it.

Then you need this little snippet of a URL here:

Add the Photo ID to the end of that URL, after the equals sign, like so:

Put all that in the address field of your browser, then press Enter, and without further ado, you’re there! This should take you to the full photo post page, letting you see who the owner of the photo is, read whatever they may have written about their photo, and browse through other stuff that they’ve posted on Flickr. Happy Flickrin’ 🙂


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