Facebook Privacy — Again!

This blog post is an elaboration on one that I wrote last year (link).

Beware: The text in the following box is a hoax, a scam, a lie!

The Lie Beginneth Here

Hello, my FB friends: I want to stay PRIVATELY connected with you. I post shots of my family that I don’t want strangers to have access to!!! However, with the recent changes in FB, the “public” can now see activities in ANY wall. This happens when our friend hits “like” or “comment” ~ automatically, their friends would see our posts too. Unfortunately, we can not change this setting by ourselves because Facebook has configured it this way.

PLEASE place your mouse over my name above (DO NOT CLICK), a window will appear, now move the mouse on “FRIENDS” (also without clicking), then down to “Settings”, click here and a list will appear. REMOVE the CHECK on “COMMENTS & LIKE” and also “PHOTOS”. By doing this, my activity among my friends and family will no longer become public. Now, copy and paste this on your wall. Once I see this posted on your page I will do the same for you.

Here Endeth The Lie

That text is at least a couple of years old by now, and it’s still making the rounds, over and over and over. It’s either deliberately misleading, or written by someone who doesn’t have a clue what they’re talking about. It has scared the willies out of countless Facebook users, and I know that many have stopped using Facebook because of it, out of fear that their private, personal life should suddenly become as openly available to anyone as a Big Brother reality-TV series.

Behold the Truth

  • “The Public” (that is, people who are not on your Friend List) can only see content on your Facebook Wall that you have chosen to make public.
  • You choose whether something you share on Facebook is Public or Friends Only when you post it. It’s next to the Post button. You can hardly miss it, yet nevertheless a lot of people do.
  • Your friends can only choose what among your stuff they want to see in their News Feed. If they look at your wall, they can see all of your stuff that you have made available to Friends or Public. But if they follow the directions in the message, they (your friends) will no longer see any of your stuff on their News Feed.

Simple Rules For Posting Stuff On Facebook

  1. Remember that you, and only you, control the privacy of your Facebook posts!
  2. Never post anything on Facebook (or anywhere else online) that you want to keep completely private. Secrets are never that secret on the Internet.
  3. Always make sure you choose “Friends” for stuff that you only want your friends to see, and choose “Public” only for things you want to be available to everyone.
  4. Check that you did it right. If you messed up the previous step, simply correct it. It’s easy, and you don’t have to delete your post.
  5. Stop listening to liars and fear-mongers who want to confuse you and make you afraid of using Facebook, and whatever you do, do not spread their lies!
  6. Read my blog post from last year on the same subject. It can haz pictureses!
  7. Share the knowledge.

And finally

This little box has everything you need to make sure your posts are private or public according to your wishes. USE it!


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