News: Hollywood Style on Russia Today

For lack of an Arabic vocabulary I’m unable to tell if this is advertising, entertainment, or actual news. If it’s actual news, is this really a good way to present it? Yeah, sure, it looks amazing, and I would have given it thumbs-up for style, but I have a hard time taking it seriously, especially with the presenter acting theatrically along with the graphics. News are supposed to be about facts, not Hollywood-style special effects. Seriously! Thumbs down from me.

“Oh, darn! I got sparks all over my suit!”

Click to watch the video on YouTube

Now, if anyone who understands the language can confirm whether or not this is in fact a news spot, please use the comments box below. If this kind of drama catches on with other news stations, I’m going to watch Transformers style CG effects disaster movies instead. They’ll be just as informative, and both the special effects and the acting are usually far better. Usually!


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