The Texas Surströmming Massacre

Recently I’ve had a few people ask me about Lutefisk, that ancient, Norwegian delicacy made from dried fish and lye – though the word “delicacy” may be somewhat misleading, as the taste and smell have little in common with anything you’d easily, or even willingly, associate to “food”. Sweden and Finland, on the other hand, enjoy a different take on fish, namely Surströmming.

These brave and strong Texans decided to give it a go in their back yard with a can sent them from a friend in Sweden. And I ask myself, would a friend really do that?

Before you click Play: Unless your stomach is made of reasonably sturdy stuff, you should not watch this video during or just before a meal, or possibly not at all. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

Original video in HD at LiveLeak.

Success or spectacular failure? I’ll let you decide. I have to admire the guy on the left, though.

Stephen Fry and the panel at QI have this to say about Surströmming.

Though I have eaten Lutefisk many times (after all, it is a traditional Christmas dish, which gives it the added benefit of being limited to just once a year), I have yet to smell Surströmming myself, and I can’t say that I am eager to leap at the challenge.

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