Wee wiggly wormy guy


I nearly stepped on this little guy (according to what I understood from Wikipedia it’s a male), walking home at 10PM in the shadows along a winding road. At first he looked like a big earthworm, and it took me a couple of photos with flash to discover that I was wrong … as soon as I noticed the eyes at one end. To the best of my knowledge, earthworms do not have those.


I post this mainly because this is the third time I’ve encountered one of these while out walking, but the previous times I was with my girlfriend who got completely freaked out, jumping and screaming, so she effectively scared the poor, harmless and probably severely traumatised creature off before I could get the camera (which I already had in my hand) ready to shoot. We’re talking fractions of a second here. Them girls got fast reflexes! You should have seen her when our daughter came running towards her with a little lizard in her hands. Broke the speed barrier getting to safe distance.


This time I walked alone, and could take my own, slow, quiet time. That is, he didn’t much fancy the flash, so he turned around and crawled back where he came from.


“Lose that flash, dude. I’m outta here!”


“Now you see me …”

Cute, ain’t he though? 😉


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