Meet Feathers, Inc.

“What do you mean, you met Jesus on your way to work today?”
“Not Jesus, dude. Geeses1, Preciousss. Geeses! A flock of geese!”

This is about a third of the flock that was grazing along the road when I walked to work this morning. I spent about fifteen minutes shooting them (rather humanely, mind you) with the Nikon (but also a couple of shots with the iPhone, such as this one, for easy upload instead of having to wait until tonight … which means there may be more photos here later, far better quality, if I have the time, which, with my current schedule, alas, I may not).

Flatfoot alert
Click image for larger version

I could easily get within a couple of metres of them, but not for long since they obviously preferred to be a little less intimate than that and kept walking away from me, which made proper close-up portraits a little difficult. Photos of feathered posteriors may have a place somewhere on the Internet, but not on this blog, not today. Maybe later.

These guys aren’t very popular with the gardeners and maintenance people, because they poop all over the place. They make an impressive welcoming committee, though. Previously they have been known for invading and occupying the parking lots, perching on the parked cars, acting fiercely territorial about the cars upon which they perched, making it insanely difficult for the owners of said cars to get home after work, not to mention what the poop did to the cars’ paint.

Each is as big as a small dog, but with a somewhat bigger wingspan, and if some practical joker suddenly has the great idea to chase the entire flock your way (this happened to me) you’ll have perhaps twenty of them flying frantically just a couple of feet above your head – and believe me, you feel the wind from those wings flapping, plus you hear the *splat-splat-splat* sounds of goosepoop hitting the ground all around you. That last part can be quite unnerving.

In summary: If geese come charging, duck for cover!

Taken at Fornebu with an iPhone 3GS + CameraPlus app at 07:24 on July 22nd, 2013.

  1.   The equivalent of:
    “What do you mean, you met Moses on your way to work today?”
    “Not Moses, dude. Mooses, Preciousss. Mooses! A flock of meese!”

4 thoughts on “Meet Feathers, Inc.

  1. Geese make excellent substitutes for dogs to guard property. They are territorial and won’t hesitate to peck at you if you intrude, plus they make a lot of racket when strangers approach.

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