Resistance Is Futile: You Will Be Added!

Latest in the series: “Hey! You’ve been added to a group!”

With this being directly linked to my previous post, “No Way To Stop Auto-Adding To Facebook Groups“, I am again having gripes and concerns about Facebook’s group policy. The problem is that anyone can add me, or you, or anyone else, to any group that they are already a member of, and we instantly become members, regardless what we might think about the matter ourselves.

Which begs the question:

Who in their right mind would add a 44 year old guy to a group which largely consists of young teenage girls posting cleavage and semi-sexual photos of themselves?

Because someone did. There was no invitation, I was simply added to the group, no questions asked.

Now, imagine the problem I would run into, having to explain this to my better half if she happened to notice the sudden appearance on my computer screen of several photos of young teenage girls (and even some boys) in their underwear, making duckfaces whilst squeezing their mammaries into the camera, or posing with their hands dug deeply into their panties.

Because that’s what I suddenly noticed appearing on my Facebook wall.

Fortunately my better half knows me better and is more understanding than that, but it could happen to you! Or you! Or you! Marriages have ended and lives and reputations have been ruined over less.

And when I clicked on the group link, this message greeted me at the top of the page when I clicked on the group link. Notice how it says that “You’ve joined”, as if I’d made the decision to do so myself.

I find this whole thing highly questionable, and quite unacceptable, and the person who added me to that group has been swiftly removed from my friend list.


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