Just a moment … Oh, there it went!

I could of course say that it was on purpose, and that I was going to wait for 8:09:10 PM, except we don’t do PM in this house. No, siree. We’re civilized Norwegians who follow a 24 hour clock, and no ifs or buts about it.

Someone suggested that I might have waited for 09:10 11.12.13, but on one hand I consider that to be cheating, because I really think that all six digits are supposed to be in play, and on the other hand I was still asleep. When I sleep, I don’t mess about.

Fortunately, though, this still left me with a time at a quarter and sixteen seconds past two o’clock in the afternoon, by which time I was not only awake, but in fact at work.

That moment
As posted on my Facebook wall at more or less the precise moment

I guess this wraps it up for the fancy date-and-time number sequences for this century. That is, unless someone comes up with a thirteenth month within the next year (and a fourteenth month the year after that), and I don’t quite see that happening, not even in a mad, mad world such as ours.

All right, so Americans may argue that next year brings both 09:10:11 12-13.14 and 12.13.14 15:16:17, but I protest on the grounds that writing dates as MM.DD.YY (Month.Day.Year) makes as much sense as would writing time as HH:SS:MM (Hour:Second:Minute), and is just as backwards and uncivilized as using feet and inches, pounds and gallons in the age of Metric, and I believe this with every ounce of my heart.

That aside, now I know that I can sleep soundly tonight, safe in the knowledge that I have shared this little moment with you all, a moment which has been of absolutely no consequence whatsoever.

It’s little things like this which give me peace of mind.



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