A Handful of Winter Pics

Some of my most recent photos from around Revetal and Ramnes, and along Bishop’s Road (Bispeveien) in Vestfold, Norway. We’re closing in on the time of year when the sun is at its lowest, which, since the sun doesn’t make it more than a hand’s width (at arm’s length) above the horizon, makes for interesting lighting with long shadows even at noon. Snow has been moderate in these part so far, temperatures fluctuating from day to day between –5°C and +5°C, and it’s still an open question whether there’ll be a crisp and sparkling white Christmas or a muddy brown one this year.

In contrast I could mention that the Western and North-Western parts of Norway have just been subjected to some of the roughest storms in living memory. Ah, I did mention it.

These particular ones are from my walk to the bus stop in the early afternoon (it’s a late shift week), and from the bus itself on the road. I’m a last minute kind of guy, so photos on foot tend to be taken in a hurry, and shooting through the window of a moving bus is a challenge in itself, with reflections and motion blur and all that jazz.

You may click on the pictures to see bigger versions on Flickr.
All photos are copyright © Bjørnar Andre Haveland.


Field with deer — I swear I didn’t even notice them until I’d taken this picture. They were really tiny against the background. I took another one, but I think this one turned out better.


Broken shed — I think the roof had already caved in, but it certainly looks like the snow did it.


Trees clad with frozen mist — The fog last night froze and crystallized itself on just about every available surface, tree branches in particular. The evergreens seem to have gotten off easy.


This is the point where I come down to the main road between Ramnes and Revetal, five minutes into my fifteen minute walk, which I then follow to the bus stop. It’s noon, and that’s how high in the sky the sun gets these days. It’ll be lower still, until December 21 when things turn and the days begin to grow longer and brighter again.


Freezing fine-feathered friends a-feeding — This tree was full of what I could only vaguely identify as sparrows, finches and tits, and all those other li’l birdies looking for a bite to eat in the winter. Vaguely, that is, on the grounds that I have a hard time telling them apart in a hurry.

Any jokes about me not being able to tell tits apart from anything else are null and void because they are sooo predictable! 😛

At this point there’s still a three minute walk to the aforementioned bus stop, and no sooner had I taken this when I noticed the bus pulling through the roundabout ahead, a couple of minutes earlier than usual. I barely made it, with a death-defying dash and lots of whistling and waving to keep the driver from taking off without me.




You may click on the pictures to see bigger versions on Flickr.
All photos are copyright © Bjørnar Andre Haveland.


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