Christmas Tree 2013

The Christmasy Corner of our humble abode 🙂 No presents underneath. Both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are already one (or in fact two) with the past.

Christmas Tree 2013

And yes, it’s plastic. That simply means we won’t have to worry about getting a nice tree this year, it doesn’t shed a single needle, and unless you have your nose between its branches you don’t really notice anything different anyway. Missing the scent of pine forest? There’s all sorts of scenty things in spray bottles, or you can get yourself a Wunderbaum, and for what it’s worth I think it’s supposed to resemble a fir, not a pine, but that’s just me being pedantic 😉

Ahem. The pedant in me just discovered that I neglected to tuck away the power cord before taking the picture. Ten points from Gryffindor!


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