Excellent road safety ad

We all make mistakes. Sometimes it’s you, sometimes it’s someone else, and sometimes it’s both. Drive carefully, always look twice, and don’t take unnecessary risks. Even if you do it right, someone else may not. It could boil down to this: It’s not about getting there first, it’s about getting there alive.

The first thing that shakes me about this ad is that this is what fills the split second that we don’t have at our disposal, when adrenalin sends our thoughts racing at high speed once we realize we’re screwed and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. I’ve been in accidents and near accidents myself, fortunately never with serious consequences beyond dents and shakes, and I know this feeling just too well.

The second thing that shakes me is the manner in which a considerable number of the commenters evade the point of the ad completely and try instead to pin the blame for the accident on one or the other of the drivers. Some throw around numbers arguing that the calibration of the second guy’s speedometer allows for higher speeds. There are those who claim that the situation depicted is utterly unlikely, even though we see exactly this kind of thing on the news over and over again. Others even go as far as to call the ad blatant racism. And I’m sitting here, like, you know, “Hello!?”

Hey, guys, I watched the ad too. The first guy pulled out too soon, the second guy was driving too fast. Both were at fault, neither did it on purpose, and the end result was tragedy. If you fail to see that, you fail to see the message of the ad, and I wouldn’t want you on the road anywhere near me.


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