Moments of Winter

I remember reading Ray Bradbury’s “All Summer in a Day” many years ago, which is a fascinating but different story altogether. This is “All Winter in Half an Hour”. About thirty minutes of snowfall as thick as solid fog, and it really looked as if it was going somewhere, but then it stopped and five minutes later this sudden appearance of white had all melted and vanished with nothing but wet spots to its memory. At this rate, Punxsutawney Phil will have found and lost his shadow thrice before we see anything close to even vaguely resembling winter this year.


There’s still a couple of months left, we could still have a dose of snow before it’s all over, but I so remember white Christmases, and winters that lasted from October to early April. I mean, this is Norway, right?

Mudball fight, anyone?

Taken from my office window with an iPhone 3GS, edited with Camera+.
You may click the images to see larger versions.
All photos are copyright © 2014 Bjørnar Andre Haveland.

Moments of Winter

Moments of Winter


2 thoughts on “Moments of Winter

  1. Delightful photography. And the story behind the scenes (or behind the camera) really makes the pictures come alive. Makes me want to come over and join you in a mud ball fight while waiting for the next spate of winter and the delights of a true Norwegian snowfall. We can all dream I guess.

    1. Thanks, Jim 🙂 As chance would have it, we’ve received a bit of snow these last few days, though far from much. If anything postcard-worthy shows up I will try to have it documented … especially since mud balls are only fun for so long 😉

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