Reblog: 10 bogus excuses that people use when they steal a photo from the Internet

Photographer Francis Vachon presents ten poor excuses for using photos you found on the Internet without asking permission, and explains precisely why they are poor excuses. As a hobby photographer, I find this highly relevant.

Since it’s about copyright, I felt a little awkward about simply copying the entire text to my blog, so this is just the list of excuses. Read the article with comebacks to all the excuses HERE.

So you think you have a good reason/excuse to use a photo you found on the Internet without asking the photographer who took it? Let’s see if it can stand the test.

  1. There was no “copyright” logo or any other watermark on the photo.
  2. The photo is on the Internet, therefore it is free to use!
  3. I found it on Google Image, therefore it is free to use.
  4. It’s on Facebook, and everything on Facebook is on public domain.
  5. But I won’t make money off this photo! It’s just for [my blog / my personal website / my Facebook].
  6. There was the photographer’s [logo / name / email address] watermarked on the photo. If he put it there, it was so he can advertise his business when we share his photo, right?
  7. This photo is not [good looking enough / original enough] to be protected by the copyright law.
  8. I appear in this photo, therefore I can use it!
  9. I wrote the photographer’s name under the photo on my webpage. It’s good advertising for him!
  10. Millions of people are doing it!

Full article here.


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