When Call of Duty 2 won’t make local calls

Despite being a grown man of a quite respectable number of years, now and then I still enjoy treating my childish self to a weekend of senseless gaming together with friends and colleagues. Among the games we play are old classics such as Call of Duty 2, which we play on the local network, setting up our own server.

The problem at hand is that on some of our computers, the game simply refuses to detect servers on our local network. We find plenty on the Internet, but local draws a blind blank. We’ve so far solved this by setting up the server on one of the computers that have the problem, because the other computers (except those who share the same problem) can detect that one without a hitch.

The drawback is that one of the computers so troubled is my own beloved laptop of five winters now, which is slightly below par for running said server, and everyone who connects are subjected to unwanted lag and jitter. Until this weekend when I found out a way to fix it:

The solution was to disable all network adapters on my computer, including physical and virtual ones, except the one that I am using, which is the cabled Ethernet port (Local Area Connection).

I understand that, though I connect by cable, the game still tries to access the local network servers through the wireless network adapter, or one or more of the virtual adapters set up by, for example, VirtualBox, Microsoft Virtual Networking adapter and Hamachi. And this solution has worked on all computers I’ve tried it on, with both original and cracked versions of the game.

That said, you must of course remember to re-enable the network adapters which you disabled, if you are going to use them later on.

Although this solution worked on my computer, I cannot guarantee that it will work on yours.


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