Mass-murderer stages “Hunger Game”

[Breivik] threatens with hunger strike for better video games”

— OK, so perhaps I should try hunger-strike-whining myself, and see if that gets me a better gaming PC than my old laptop? Or do I really have to go to jail first, too?

“Demands that the Playstation 2 in his cell must be upgraded to a Playstation 3 […] Describes prison conditions as torturous.”

— Of course, being the murderer of 77 people, most of them kids, all of them unarmed, should make you justified in feeling entitled to preferred treatment, no? I personally don’t think I can top that, and I sincerely hope I never will.

The last thing I want you to be able to do, given the manner in which you earned your place in jail, is to play realistic first person shooters like “Battlefield 4.” You’ve had too much real-life first person shooting already. That’s why you’re behind bars in the first place, remember?

“He also wants his allowance doubled, to cover postage for letters to abroad.”

— Well, the way it works where I come from is that if you want to have more money to spare, then you’ll have to stop spending them on all sorts of nonsense, such as sending letters to all over the world and whatnot.

My advice is that you should try to get pen pals within your own country instead, since that’s way cheaper, or just shut up and deal with the fact that you have no friends because nobody likes you!

Seriously, being a sadistic mass murderer doesn’t earn you any extra points with me. I’d take away your Playstation 2 as well! You’re a pathetic, self-righteous little prick who ought to be left to play tic-tac-toe with yourself on the bare concrete prison walls with no more than a piece of chalk.

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  1. OK, I’ve mentioned this elsewhere, but Brevik is being given more humane treatment by Norway (to their credit) than he would get in almost any other country. He is certifiably insane, psychotic, sociopathic, and a waste of human cytoplasm. The USA would have him on death row without question; Saudi Arabia would already have his head rolling in the sand, the teeth chattering. To hark back to the old Transactional Analysis model, this guy has an ‘I’m OK, you’re not OK’ personality – in other words, the foul stench of a necrotic soul clings to him as a Nashville mist clings to old, old brick. Please, Norway – let the monster starve himself to death. It would be his choice, living as he is in the midst of comparative luxury – I doubt a single soul would weep for his departure. The Old Wolf has spoken.

    1. I for one wouldn’t mourn his passing, and I can’t believe there are many who would. One of the things I’m proud of on behalf of my country is our absence of death penalty, but that is as a general rule*, and not for Breivik’s benefit. He easily qualifies for getting hung, poisoned, shot, garrotted, tied to the ground beneath a merciless desert sun, quartered, crushed under a steam roller, drowned, burned at the stake, guillotined and fried in the electric chair for his heinous deeds. Death by starvation is too good for him, but if that’s what he wants …

      * Death penalty is too final, too permanent and too irreversible, whereas, alas, no justice system is infallible. I would rather have that a man who deserves to die for his actions is left to live, than that an innocent man gets executed only to be exonerated after the fact.

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