Cries of the Soul

I’m proud to have been involved in the making of this book, as editor and general consultant, and in the process I have learned quite a lot not only about book publishing, but also more relevantly about adoption, specifically international adoption, and its effects on those who are adopted. In the nearly two years that it has taken, I’ve also learned quite a lot about the practices of adoption agencies, which in many cases show that they are not above resorting to mafia methods and simple kidnapping. In its ultimate form, international adoption comes out as little more than human trafficking, buying and selling of children for profit.

In 1970, shortly after the death of her mother, and without the consent or even the knowledge of her father, a barely one year old girl is put up for foreign adoption in South Korea. She ends up in an adoptive family where she spends her childhood suffering neglect and abuse at the hands of her adoptive parents. “Cries of the Soul” tells a story rather different from the more common, picture-perfect fairy tales of the adoption industry. With her original childhood and natural family stolen from her, Khara Niné describes the harsh reality of coping and trying to fit into a family where she doesn’t belong, of grieving the loss of parents she can not even remember, and the emotional scars which she is still struggling to get to grips with more than forty years later.

“Beginning with the trauma of lying in the arms of her beloved Umma when she died, Khara takes the reader through her life’s journey with a colorful, flowing narrative, joyous in parts, yet mostly a soul wrenching description of one woman’s struggle to survive.”
— Joe Soll, author of “Adoption Healing… a path to recovery”

Also, fun fact, my name is now searchable on 🙂


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