Photo: Drammen after sunset

Drammen after sunset
Photo © Bjørnar Andre Haveland

I took this last night, on the bus home from work whilst crossing the Drammen river. More to the point it’s also my first proper attempt at editing a picture in-camera and transferring it to my Galaxy tab by way of SD card reader for upload to Flickr. It turned out a wee bit darker than intended, so I may re-edit and re-upload a corrected version later.

In addition to the lovely but usual twilight colours and black silhouetted horizon, the main feature of this sunset was a quite interesting, not to mention pretty, atmospheric optical effect causing a pillar of light above the sun which is just below the horizon.

Equipment: Nikon D7000, Nikkor DX 18-135mm, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 with Samsung EPL-1PLRBE SD card reader, and the bus, if memory serves, was a Volvo.

It strikes me that the model name of the SD card reader sounds like someone blowing a raspberry :-p


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