Sunset pics — Fornebu on March 28

A handful of sunset shots taken whilst under the influence of waiting for the bus home from work on a recent Friday, from fifteen to twenty-five minutes past seven in the evening. Sunsets are pretty amazing and amazingly pretty things, and I have this weird urge to take pictures of them which is occasionally too overwhelming to resist. This one isn’t even among the most amazing; it just happened to be there.

Browser tip: The photos look their best when viewed in Mozilla Firefox. Other browsers tend to do weird and unpretty things to the colours. In Google Chrome, for example, they show up dark and muddy. There’s info to be had in this article on web browser colour management if you can bear a little bit of technical lingo.

Clicking the pictures will bring up larger versions on

Photos are copyright © Bjørnar Andre Haveland



DSC_3136   DSC_3143





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