Remember — The Internet of You

The things, those weird and sometimes interesting things that occasionally drift across my computer screen on a cold, foggy Saturday afternoon of early spring …

This time, accompanying my late-breakfast-bordering-on-lunch, an inspirational and/or thought-provoking speech by Antoine Cartier-Wells¹ brought to life in the YouTube video “The Social Revolution – Remember Me” by Devin “devinsupertramp” Graham. The speech is captivating, touching upon the interaction of our eyes, brains and memories with the surrounding world, past and present, and perhaps … future?

“What makes us Human? Our sense of self and our ability to share who we are.”

Warning: Possible spoilers beyond this point!

The five minute speech/video does well enough to stand on its own feet, though as it ends it passes the torch of context to an interactive, mixed media science fiction novel in the shape of Antoine Cartier-Wells’ journal, beginning at his birth in 1984, weaving its way through his life project of understanding, storing, exchanging, sharing, analysing and perhaps even altering memories.

There’s more than a spoonful of William Gibson in these works, methinks; the dark cyberpunk atmosphere, and in some ways you may even see connections with what became the Matrix (the one in Gibson’s books, not the Wachowski Brothers’ Matrix movie trilogy). That said, I wouldn’t dare to assume that the two stories are chronologically connected.

As the interactive journey through the journal comes to its conclusion, it is revealed that this is in fact the back story for computer action game Remember Me. This does not detract from the fact that I quite enjoyed the storyline.

By the looks of the trailers, the game (which I have not yet tried for myself) does seem like something I’d enjoy to watch more than actually play, preferably as a movie, somewhat “Total Recall” style (the 2012 Colin Farrell version, not the 1990 Arnold Schwartzenegger one). It would make for a seriously psychedelic motion picture trip.


  1. Antoine Cartier-Wells is a fictional character from the game “Remember Me”.

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