No bridge over troubling water

No bridge over troubling water

My work as a tech supporter can sometimes be quite challenging. However, every so often getting to work poses its own little challenges. So also this early afternoon, after a somewhat rainy night. Apparently this is where precipitation goes when it gets bored. My meteorological Nemesis. Behold Lake Dareya, a.k.a. Loch Betterwearyerwellies, and I’m on foot. Sink? Swim? Or grow wings?


Image copyright © Bjørnar Haveland

Without giving away too much I can say that I got across safely, sans Wellies, albeit in a slightly less than dignifying manner involving the railing on the right, yet comfortably and reassuringly unsoaked. And I’ll take comfortably and reassuringly unsoaked over dignified any day of the week.

Stay dry!



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