Don’t Be A Creepy Stalker — We Have NSA For That

Actually quite to the point, and quite important.

But wait, what? … There’s actually a website dedicated to “Women Who Eat On Tubes”? I guess after 17 years on the Internet I shouldn’t be at all surprised, but still … Apparently there’s a fetish for everyone.

[Link to article on]

Before you fall for the temptation to do as described in the article, consider for a moment, how would YOU feel if someone posted pictures of YOU on a website, for ridicule and mockery, public embarrassment, open disrespect and tasteless commentary?

[Link to follow-up article on]

Or, in the unlikely event that you happen to be one of those few who doesn’t give a damn about such things for your own part, how would you feel if for example it happened to your own son or daughter, or other near and dear ones? If it still sounds like a good idea to you, then you may be in need of professional counselling. Or a reality check. Or both.

Plus people who post embarrassing pictures of others on the web without their consent pretty much revoke their own right to complain about what NSA is doing to their privacy. Go figure!


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