Passive Eavesdropping

«The pop up that alerts users to the new media identification feature. Instead of declining with “no,” users decline with “not now,” because there is always later.»

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That feature needs a “Just bloody F**K OFF! And never bother me again!” button.

Most ambient noise around me is annoying stuff that others listen to. Me, I tend to use headphones so that I don’t invade the sensitivities of others with my sometimes, according to them, odd taste in music. I’m awfully considerate that way.

If anyone ever sees “Listening to Sputnik”, “Britney Spears” or whatever past or present forgettable record label spewage-related c**p (relevant “artist” names thankfully escape me, but gangsta rap and its derivatives rank high on that list) is currently in fashion automatically added to any of my posts, know for a fact that Facebook’s “passive listening” is lost in the woods, very possibly being defecated on by the proverbial bear.

If I feel the irresistible need or urge to inform my readers of my current musical escapades, I’m perfectly capable of doing so myself, thank you.

Currently listening to: Random ambient engine, wind and fellow passenger chattering noises aboard a bus doing 55mph on the highway.


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