Hail to the Bull!

Damn it, it’s wonderful to see that the animal tormentors get to feel the sharp end of the stick for once. Sadly, I’m under no illusion that the bulls involved were left to live to tell the tale of this victory to their calves and grandcalves, but at least we know that the peacock-parading pansies in pink socks were deservedly trampled and speared, though perhaps not as thoroughly and viciously as one might have wished for.

No sympathy for animal abusers!

Madrid matadors gored by bulls: San Isidro
festival suspended for first time in 35 years

Fight ended when bulls gored two matadors and tossed a third into the air.

(Source article at independent.co.uk)

UPDATE: The linked article and image, no longer exist at the original location. They may have been moved by the site owner, or deleted.

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