Unbalanced News Coverage of Gaza Conflict

These two videos circulate on Facebook and elsewhere under the headline “News Reporter Exposes Israel on Live Television”.

“So two days ago Israel launched a bombing campaign dubbed “Operation Protective Edge” against Gaza, that’s still ongoing. But despite the horrors on the ground, the mainstream media seems to only be telling one side of the story.”

And I can confirm, as a viewer, that mainstream media, mainly American, tends to portray Israel as the victim and the underdog in this conflict. At least Norwegian news sources give a glimpse of the Palestinian side of the situation.

“Well, I guess I really can’t expect more from a media apparatus that essentially works as stenographers for the U.S. Government.”

Not only that but news stations actively falsify reports from the area, such as ABC News in the example presented in the next video, keeping up with the facts can be next to impossible for the average viewer.

Over the years I’ve sort of developed my own three-point understanding of the situation in Gaza/Palestine and Israel:

  1. Israel are assholes for occupying and claiming Palestinian land as their own rightful territory. As an atheist, I don’t give a shit what the Old Testament says in the matter. For all practical purposes, the Palestinians lived there first. The Israelis can’t come back after two thousand years and say “Hey, God said we could take this!” Oh, wait, apparently you can?
  2. Hamas are idiots for attacking Israel the way they do, knowing full well from experience (unless they’re dumber than I dare to think they are) that Israeli retaliation will be merciless, and it is the civilians who will have to bear the brunt of their revenge.
  3. Israel are assholes for retaliating with brutal and hideously excessive force, far out-scaling the original Hamas attacks, actively targeting civilians, essentially shooting fish in a barrel.

As for the news reporter in these videos, she reminds me somewhat of Jeff Daniel’s character Will McAvoy in “The Newsroom”, which I think speaks to her advantage.


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