Facebook: Thanks for nothing … again.

Dear Facebook.

By all means, do tell me that someone I know has made a comment on someone else’s post; a post with upwards of 2,500 comments, the majority of which are nested so that I’d have to click through about a hundred branchlets of comments and replies, and probably miss what I’m looking for anyway out of sheer needle-in-a-haystackness.

By all means don’t tell me what they said or link to where it is. Out of the fifteen meagre percent of what my friends post that you are willing to show me, make sure this fills up your quota. Just keep spitting in my face, why don’t you.

Yes, yes, I know, I’m speaking to a wall again. Literally.

Plus someone chipped in:

“Don’t forget about when FB tells you your friends have commented on their friends’ posts, and you can see what they say, but are not allowed to take part in the discussion.

… if I’m not even allowed to like it, why bother to inform me?”

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